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9th October 2013

D doesn’t talk much yet, but he does have his favourite words. He repeats some of them, but for the most part he just likes hearing them. So far we have car, wheel, batman, mop, fan, van and phone. He gets the last 3 mixed up since they all sound a bit similar, and for some reason he gets batman and mop mixed up as well.

So far he can comfortably say (and identify): mop (“bop”), bum (which he says when he wants changing), fan/van/phone, ball (“bah”), no (“naaa”), maow (“mah”; nickname for our cat), duck (“dut”) and probably other things which I’ve now forgotten in addition to his favourite, which has always been “dat!”. We’re getting there :)

We got him a new car seat over the weekend. We went for a group 1/2/3 deal we saw in a local shop; it’s an own-branded item but it had decent reviews online, much better than the Britax I had been considering instead. It’s not rear-facing as I had wanted, but those were a bit out of our price range and the one I had been considering didn’t look like it would have fitted in my car anyway :( We’ll be keeping D in his current seat, a group 0+/1 (the Britax First Class Plus), until baby #2 is here, then we’ll be putting that back into newborn mode for their use. D’s still well within the range to still be rear-facing in it, so we’ll be continuing with that until the seat is needed once again and switch him over to his new seat then.

The new seat, by the way, contributes to his current obsession with batman: when we had the seat delivered, it came with a free catalogue which showed that there was a similar seat for sale with a batman design (as in, it looks like you are actually sitting with batman). D has been opening the catalogue and pointing at batman ever since :P I think it’s because it sounds a bit like his word for mop (bop) that he gets the two mixed up… Who knows. It’s quite funny, he now thinks the mop is batman XD