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Winter babies vs summer babies

28th July 2014

I must admit, I think we were lucky with D and how little he reacted to light during the night. As a summer baby, he was used to light in the early hours from day one, and during the winter we tended to keep lights on around the house at night so we could see to check on him – he was never bothered by any of this. Even now, sun streaming in at 5am doesn’t wake him… It’s the sun streaming in at 10pm that keeps him from sleeping! Sorted that with blackout blinds though.

Now E… She was used to darkness a lot more. She was born in winter and we didn’t keep lights on so much for her because we were a bit more confident with what we were doing. Unsurprisingly, she is extremely sensitive to light and she’s up for the day the moment the sun has risen. Haven’t got blackout blinds for her room (moving soon, no point) so quite a few early starts :(

Otherwise, E’s doing well. Started to wean her just shy of 6 months and she loves food. We’re baby-led once again; I’m sure she’d had been fine being spoon-fed but I think she likes this approach better. She’s crawling (commando-style), rolling, sitting… All very much ahead of D, who had only just started rolling and sitting at this age. He was much more advanced with his speech though, having got mama and dada out of the way at around 5-6 months. Can’t say I was prepared for her to move so soon though – it always catches me out that she’s not a repeat of D and will do things differently.