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Weaning, leaks, Christmas…

8th January 2013

D’s first Christmas went quite well, despite him being very whiny throughout. We haven’t been having the best nights recently, and he’s been really tired and grouchy – we finally got him to sleep during Christmas lunch (of all things) so no crackers for us! He did much better at Christmas dinner and had a bit of everything in the evening.

We’re finding he’s far more content eating meat than he is fruit or veg. He’ll mush the latter around a bit then chuck it on the floor, but when the meat’s gone, he’ll let you know about it :P

Part of why we’re having such rubbish nights recently is, I think, to do with his nappies. We’ve been experiencing leakmaggedon in recent times, to the point where I’ve been triple boosting the night nappies (really, they were just that full – no bad fit about it) and putting a wrap over day ones (he’s between stages on those – just gone up to highest leg snap but it’s a bit loose). Problem (temporarily) solved… Heh. But yes, I think the problem during the night is that he wakes and feels wet. D has always hated feeling wet, and as a heavy wetter, a few hours in a soaked nappy is not something he takes to kindly. The issue with the Stretchies we use at night is that they are wet against the skin – I tried various combinations of liners to help with this but as yet with no solutions. I change him when he wakes but it always ends up waking him fully and it takes an hour or so to get him back down! If I don’t change him, he stirs every 20-40 mins… Annoying :( anyway, I’m trying a disposable tonight, to see if there’s any difference. I hope there isn’t, since I really don’t want to go back to them (at least until a solution to keeping D dry at night is found) but yes… We shall see!

Oh, and the scratching… That doesn’t help either. Poor boy claws at his face, especially at night or when he’s tired :( I’ve run out of ways to keep him from doing it – someone suggested a special set of mitts, but having looked them up, they are very pricey for someone on a tight budget (and for something which may not even work!). I may trawl through eBay or similar and see if there’s a cheap deal going on.

Finally… My big thing this month is that it’s my last month of maternity leave :( can’t believe how quickly it’s gone. I considered not going back to work, but with money tight, that’s really not an option. I’ve been trying to get D into swimming and sensory classes this month, I hope I can otherwise I will have missed out doing it with him :(

Anyway. So far, not a great deal of difference with the nappies (been up twice in the last hour while writing this!) so I think we’ll continue with regular changes of the Stretchies for now whilst I look for some more stay-dry options. Would like a night of more than 2-3 hours of broken sleep soon please!