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13th December 2012

D reached 6 months old at the start of the month and can sit quite well, so we’ve begun weaning. He’s been very grabby for a while, but had no real interest in doing much with food – he’d throw it around, make faces at it and generally lose interest after it didn’t make a nice bang when he dropped it on the floor.

At 5 and a half months, he took a chocolate biscuit from me (naughty mummy…) and started to suck on it – he looked shocked that this actually had a flavour and was very annoyed when I took it back :P after that point we tried a bit of banana and some veg but he wasn’t interested in those. A few weeks later, he became increasingly annoyed that we had food and he didn’t (my guess there; but I think I was right!) so we started to give him things again – bit of toast at breakfast, bit of fruit or veg at lunch and dinner. Tonight, he discovered potato was rather nice; he also seems to like lime (haven’t tried a lemon yet…) as we discovered last week. Hee :P

We’re not really following any of the set ‘routes’ of weaning – I was tempted by BLW, but I think the food we eat is a bit too salty/oily/processed for him at the moment (diet not great recently, hopefully on the up soon though) so I make some extra stuff that I give him bits of. We tried a couple of purées as we were given some, but D has had far too many medicine experiences (i.e. us giving him his meds for when the eczema got infected, which he hated) so he refuses to let anyone with a spoon near his mouth. He will, however, take the spoon himself and eat off it then. I’m not keen on the spoon-feeding approach though… I guess then that we’re leaning more towards BLW in that respect, heh.

Anyway, all this reminds me of an article I was reading that said something like only 1% of babies who were breastfed at birth are still exclusively breastfed until 6 months. Well, aside from the biscuit incident and the medicines he had to take, I am pleased to have got D to 6 months on nothing but breast milk :) I’d count us in that 1%, and proudly so. Not always an easy task having got to this point, but yes – am very pleased I managed to do so :D