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Wean o’clock

12th June 2014

E is nearing the 6 month mark. Wait, what?! How on earth did that happen?

Anyway. With that, comes weaning… Oh dear. Must admit that I hated the early weaning stages with D, and as E has quite a temper on her these days (oh, this doesn’t bode well… I thought D’s terrible twos tantrums were bad…), I can see this going interestingly… D was at least 7 months before he actually had any interest in doing anything with the food. It didn’t help that we were away a lot the first month we tried solids – that and we started with jars and purées which he had zero interest in. This time, we’re going straight to BLW – given how frustrated E gets when her toys don’t go in her mouth quite how she wants them to, I don’t think spoon feeding is a good idea…!