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Turning one

10th June 2013

D turned 1 last week. We held a family gathering over at his paternal grandparents’ house, and he was a very spoilt little boy :)

His birthday falls within a period of intense celebration on his dad’s side of the family – there are 5 other birthdays and an anniversary that fall within the same week! Not to mention Father’s day and another birthday within a few weeks of that…! A very busy time indeed.

Anyway, with D turning 1, I thought I’d feel sad at the perceived loss of my baby as he grows up. I’m finding that’s not the case at all, in fact; I’m finding him a delight as he gets older and can do more things. I also find it slightly annoying too – as soon as I’ve found a place to put things that he can’t reach, he learns a new way of getting to said places or manages to reach them anyway. Argh! In that respect, I did prefer it when he didn’t move so much :P

I think we’re not far from walking now. He stands without support for long moments now, walks quite well with support and cruises like there’s no tomorrow. He’s been crawling ‘properly’ (i.e. using his knees rather than commando style, like he spent most of the last few months doing) for around a month, maybe two. It sort of happened overnight, in fact, heh. I am a bit scared of the walking thing though, ooer!

One big change with D turning one is that I am now returning to work full time. I had been working part time, from home, so I could continue to feed D and be around for him, but now I must spend all day away from him :( I am around when he wakes up and around when he goes to bed, and that’s about it now. This is quite hard on both of us; in the week preceding this change, D became extremely clingy and did not like to let me out of his sight for more than a few seconds. It makes me very sad that he will be looking for me and I won’t be there :( I hope that he knows I don’t mean it and that I haven’t abandoned him or anything. I also hope he won’t distance himself from me as a result – though I accept that that’s probably natural given he will only really see me at weekends now. We have plans to change this permanently, but for now we can’t put those into action so this is how it is. My only consolation is that at least he has his dad to look after him in his own home, and he is not with complete strangers. D is not at all ready for something like nursery, so the thought of him being at home rather than there is at least comforting :)