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The waiting game

17th December 2013

Well, we are now playing the waiting game. Baby #2 isn’t officially due just yet but as I’m past full term now, it could theoretically happen any day now.

As expected, the transition between my old midwife team to my new one was anything but smooth (I moved 2 weeks ago now) but I’m hopeful that it’s sorted now. Good, because I’d have been turning up at their hospital regardless!

Can’t wait for baby to arrive now. Life has sort of paused until it’s here, so the sooner it comes, the sooner I can pick back up and start this new journey. That and I’m fed up of being large and unable to move much :( No signs or anything yet though so fairly sure this will be another late (read: comfortable) baby :P We shall see…

In the meantime, D is continuing to grow into a big boy. His vocabulary and imagination have both improved vastly in the past few weeks and he’s now obsessed with anything transport-related. He’ll pause whatever he’s doing at the faintest sound of something outside, then will rush to the window and point at a van, plane or train (we are very close to a railway here) going past. It’s really rather adorable :D

I’m really looking forward to Christmas with him (provided nothing else happens re #2 that is) as I know he’ll just love it. He was a bit young last year and didn’t really know what was happening. This year he might still be a bit young but I know he’ll definitely appreciate the day more :)