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The P word

11th February 2014

Potty, that is.

(Warning: potty-related talk follows :D )

D is starting to show signs of being ready for potty-training (very very early signs, mind – just being aware of what he’s doing), which is both good and bad :P It’s good, obviously, since in some ways I can’t wait for him to train so I can a) save time changing/washing/buying nappies (it’s a constant thing what with E too) and b) so that E can start using the same nappies (don’t quite have enough for 2 children and would rather avoid the cost of buying more for the moment!).

It’s also bad… Purely for selfish reasons, heh. But I already feel my boy is growing up a bit too quickly (he just started at nursery this week, sniff sniff) and while I’m dealing with E, I feel I’m missing out and probably won’t be able to give him the attention and help he needs when training.

Interesting times ahead :S