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The end of co-sleeping

28th July 2015

I’m not sure exactly when we finished co-sleeping with E. I remember when it was with D – it took a long time, and when E was born he went to bed with his dad while I stayed with E. I think it took until he was almost 2 for the transition to be mostly complete and he was well over 2 before he would comfortably sleep in his own room through the night.

Because we’ve been living with family for a while, D came back into my room (in his own bed though) for a while, and he and E didn’t go back to their own room until a few months ago. At the time (16 months old or so), E had never slept through the night, still wanted to feed at least twice during the night and hated her cot. She would go in it for naps but at night, she’d last maybe an hour before I would take her back into my bed. We changed her cot into a toddler bed and the transformation was immediate – she was happy to stay in it for most of the night! It wasn’t long before not only did she stay in it all night, but she started to sleep through and hasn’t had a night feed since.

I’m glad she did this of her own accord as I had to night wean D against his (and my) wishes – which led to fully weaning – due to the horrible nursing aversion I got in pregnancy. I am debating what to do about this with E now during the day as this has become a habit and it’s starting to get to that annoying point – not pregnant this time though so I’ve lasted a bit longer than with D!

But yes, I thought I’d find it weird not to co-sleep. Just under 3 years of it and suddenly I have the bed to myself again, and undisturbed nights. Oh, it was a bit odd to start with, yes, but now I can’t even think about how I coped having D and E in the bed for so long! I have absolutely no regrets with the way it turned out, and what we did. It was the best thing to comfort my babies at the time and we did it safely. They’re now very happy in their own beds and sleep just like any normal children of their age, so if you’re currently co-sleeping and anyone tells you you’re spoiling your babies, making a rod for your back or encouraging poor sleep habits – don’t listen!