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The 3 door car problem

9th March 2014

We have two cars, our “big” family car and our little runaround (my car) which is pretty much only used for when I go to work (i.e. never, these days). The bigger car has 5 doors and therefore preferred for a family situation – much easier getting kids in and out when they have their own doors. My car’s a 3 door, our driveway is uphill (so the front seat likes to slide back when you try and move it to get into the back) and we have a non-removable rear-facing infant seat. Can you see where I’m going with this?

When we only had D, it wasn’t too much of a problem. We found a way to get the rear-facing seat working nicely in the small car, and when he switched to front-facing, it was actually easier to put him in that car than the bigger one. However, now we’ve got E, it’s just impossible (RF seat’s in the way of the FF one; narrow driveway stops the doors opening fully so can’t get round properly; front seat slides back when trying to get small children in) so we’ve avoided it at all costs.

Except now the big car’s broken down so if we want to go anywhere, we’re in the small one. Hmmm. This’ll be fun…

I’m actually considering getting a different seat for E at this stage. The Britax (current RF) is all fine and well but it not being removable does have a major disadvantage, mainly as far as the 3 door car goes but also for general convenience. For her checkup at the doctors, I spent more time strapping her into/out of the carrier than I did actually in with the doc! It also wakes her unnecessarily every time I take her out of her current seat, as it did with D. With a removable seat, she could just stay in it. We’ll see how long the big car is out of action for, and just how well we get on with the smaller one though – car seats aren’t exactly cheap!