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Team yellow

8th November 2013

It is kind of weird to be heading towards the later stages of this pregnancy without knowing what we’re expecting. With D, we asked at the 20 week scan and were told with “almost complete” certainty that he was a boy. I’d been feeling that he was a boy from quite early on, so I had no problems with starting to refer to the impending addition as ‘he’.

This time, we again asked to find out at 20 weeks, but the sonographer could not tell us either way because the baby’s umbilical chord was in the way and they could not get it into a better position. We didn’t do any further scans because quite honestly we didn’t see the need. Again, I have felt since quite early on that this is a boy; and once again I can think of several girl names I like but no boys’. We didn’t have D’s name sorted until around a week or two before he was born, and I really have no inspiration at all this time :( If you believe all the old wives’ tales, then those would agree with my feeling of boyness – I’m carrying all high up at the front again (bump is identical to D’s, basically. Even following the same growth patterns), and the skull/nub stuff looks exactly the same as D’s did. However, I’ve not been feeling comfortable calling the new baby either he or she – well, maybe more he than she. Him indoors thinks it’s a girl and has been referring to it as she and “your sister” to D, to which I automatically add “or brother” :P

Ah well, we’ll find out eventually, won’t we? Even though we were fairly confident with D’s gender, we still stayed with gender-neutral clothing, bedding and everything else we bought before he arrived. That wasn’t just in case he was a girl, but also for the benefit of any subsequent babies who may or may not be boys ;) Anyway, we’ll be set whether we’re team pink or blue. I’m not generally a fan of pink or dresses anyway (but I am a big fan of blue…), so if it does turn out to be a girl then she’ll still be dressed in blue things ;)