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Still going…

2nd March 2015

Things that have happened:

  • E turned one, and on the same day started walking
  • D mostly potty trained (still working on nights…)
  • I started working again – in a new job
  • D and E now attend nursery part of the week
  • E is now going through the challenging times that made me give up breastfeeding D
  • …er, that’s about it

Being back at work is interesting. When I went back after having D, his father stayed home to look after him and I went back to my old job. This time it’s a new job, and D and E’s father also has a full time job now, so it’s been a bit of fun trying to sort childcare and routines and whatnot. We’re two months in now though, and I think they’re happy with things – D’s going through a ‘terrible two’ rebellious phase and E’s in a “I don’t want to stay still” phase though, so who knows…!