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Still clearing out

21st July 2015

Gone so far:

  1. Travel cot
  2. Pram
  3. Bottles, breast pump
  4. Swing
  5. Bath support
  6. One box of clothes

Total cost new: over £500 (yep, I was one of those clueless first timers who bought everything brand new. Some items were gifts though)

Total value sold: £65 (some items given to charity shops or donated via Freecycle)

To go, once I find missing parts…

  1. Door bouncer
  2. Activity mat
  3. Side-sleeper/crib
  4. Reuseable nappies
  5. 4 more boxes of clothes

Total cost new: around £350
Expected sale value: £50 or so (mat will be donated)

To go in the next few months once E’s been moved on:

  1. Cotbed
  2. High chair
  3. Carrier

Total cost new: Around £250
Expected sale value: £75

Hopefully these items will all go to good homes – I don’t care about money, particularly. I’m mostly annoyed that with most of the stuff I’ve already sold, D and E hardly used them. Lesson learned – if I was doing this again I’d be buying second hand!