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20th December 2013

D is sick. No big surprise there: various bouts of flu going round, colds, bugs, all sorts. We’ve been to play groups and around other sick kids (and adults) so he was bound to catch something at some point. Of course, he had to catch the worst cold there was to catch… :P

D has never really been sick before. He’s had norovirus and a bit of a snivel here and there but it’s all cleared up in 24 hours or so. This time? We’re on our 4th sleepless night as he struggles against constant fever, running nose, chesty cough and a throat that feels like there are razor blades in it. He won’t be parted from me for any length of time, which is very inconvenient for us all since I’ve now got the same thing. Just what I need in time for giving birth…

What pains me now is that D gets no help from me to fight this. That is probably why it’s taking so long to shift – all the other times he was still being breastfed. Whatever it is, it’s really REALLY hard to deal with. I can’t get better while I have no sleep and no opportunity to get any sort of rest and he … Is just getting worse every day so far. I literally cannot be away from him and no one else will do. It makes me feel sad because I end up feeling like I’m resenting him when all I want is an opportunity to get better so I can take care of him :(

Add to all this some fairly unwelcome car-related news (x2!), and an unexpected hospital visit (for me, because this mega cold is knocking me right out and they wanted to check all was well with my/baby’s vitals) and you have what has not exactly been the best few days for us here.

Merry Christmas to us?