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Reusable nappies: take 2

1st March 2014

We aren’t doing too well on the reusable nappies front. With moving, routines being disrupted, D starting nursery and our washing machine being temperamental, we reverted back to disposables for D, with the odd reusable thrown in here and there.

I’m hopeful we can go back into them soon – I just can’t get them washed fast enough! We used to do a wash every 2-3 days, but now I need to do washes of E’s clothes (thanks, reflux…) every day and sorting all that plus two children on top is kind of difficult. Plus, the nappies we have are in desperate need of a strip wash. I noticed this after (among other things) I mistakenly put them in for washing without any detergent – there were enough bubbles in there to make it look like I’d put bubble bath in by mistake :S My preferred method for strips is to run a wash with a full dose of detergent, then rinse until the bubbles are gone. This tends to take two full days though (my washing machine is terrible at rinsing, hence the need to do this in the first place), something I just don’t have time for right now.

E has been in disposables since birth. I dug out the newborn-size fitted nappies that D hardly used; so far she’s been in them about as many times as him (ie. Not much). She’s reaching the weight limit on them already, too – they’re just about doing up at 9 weeks. However, she’s gone up to size 3 in disposables, which is the size our reusables, in their smallest configuration, match (despite saying they are ‘from birth’). We put D in them at 12 weeks, so not far off where E is at now. Provided we can sort a strip out, we’ll be trying her in them soon – it’ll have to be daily nappy washes from then on, eek!