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Progress and setbacks

24th January 2014

E is nearing a month old. In that time, she’s had her first cold (that’ll probably be the awful one I had when she was born), shot up in both height and weight and has started to exhibit all the same windy problems as D did.

We’re told she has no tongue tie, but her symptoms, combined with my old oversupply issues, are classic TT signs. With D, everyone told us he had no tie, but I know now that he had both a posterior tie and a lip tie too. We never did get it sorted as most people did not seem to think it was an issue since he was feeding well and putting on weight, and by the time we had it confirmed he had started weaning anyway. His issues only sorted themselves in the last few months – possibly since I stopped feeding him, possibly before (interesting coincidence though). Anyway, looks like we’ll be following the same path with E – she feeds well (much better than D at this stage), but there’s definitely something up. This time, I think I’ll be pushing for a resolution. I don’t think I can take another ~15 months of windy nights! We might also try going dairy-free again for a while; I’ve been advised it for other reasons (but have been resisting on account of lovely Christmas choc, oops) so might see if that helps as well. Can’t hurt, anyway!

Speaking of D, he does love his sister. At first, we had some major jealousy issues where he tried to push E away from me while feeding. I have – very briefly – tandem fed them, but D is not really interested now ( :( :( if only it had not hurt so much during my pregnancy, I wouldn’t have had to wean him before he – and I – was ready :( ) and now he’s over that part, he points at E feeding and says “[E’s] boodoo!” (His word for boobie, heehee) XD He’s frequently giving her kisses, trying to pass her a toy, patting her, running to her if she cries and generally being really rather fascinated by her. I love it! …except when I want E to nap, or have some quiet time on her (his old) activity mat… He just can’t resist ‘helping’ with that :P

So yes, D is now in his own bed, in his own room. This started unexpectedly last month – when I was sent for the emergency induction for E and kept in for a week, we had to make very quick plans for D to be babysat. He’d never spent the night away from me before (we never did make the transition we meant to), let alone all by himself, but he managed it ok – and on Christmas Eve of all days! Since then, he has been ok to sleep away from me. I miss him very much at night (E is not quite the same, no cuddles from her yet) but I think the time is right. D is also no longer being worn, given that I now wear E. How much longer I can do that for, I don’t know (back + abdominal area suffered a lot in this pregnancy) but as it was, D was getting too big to be worn anyway – he hated back carry mode and was at the weight limit in front carry for both the carrier and his dad, who was doing the carrying :P
E is a bigger baby than D was, so she doesn’t quite fit so well in our carrier, at least not in newborn hold. She doesn’t mind being in a pram, but ours is unavailable at present (and I don’t like using one anyway) so will have to explore other options.

It’s interesting doing this a second time. So much of it is the same, yet different all at once.