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16th April 2013

D is now 10 months and 2 weeks old. He’s got 4 teeth, is fully mobile (breaststroke-like crawling. It’s quite funny really) and can say a few vague ‘words’. He points at things and says “AT!” which we thought might be ‘cat’ (as we have one) but I think it’s more a sort of “what’s that?” – especially as the AT! has become more of a “DAT!” in recent times.

I’m back at work part time and mostly from home, which has been a challenge to get used to – D being away from me, getting things done while still making sure he is fed and sleeping properly… Busy times.

D’s eczema is looking better (he doesn’t claw at his face so much now) but he still has wind issues that we were assured was colic when he was younger. We found it was a bit better if I or he did not have cheese, but I’m not sure that was much more than a coincidence :(

I can’t believe it was a year ago I was starting to round up the final purchases for his arrival. This week being Real Nappy Week reminds me that it was a year ago that I ordered his first nappies. His cot and car seat were already here, we’d purchased his first clothes, and I was in the process of choosing some bedding and a bath seat for him and getting my hospital bag together. Earlier, I was putting some of D’s latest no-longer-fitting clothes into a box, when I saw his newborn clothes there in the bottom – so tiny! Can’t believe he ever fit in those (and they were too big for him!) and was ever so tiny. I remember being given a 12m+ sleepsuit for him when he was born and thinking “wow, that’s massive!”… it barely fits him now. I’m about to start retiring the majority of his 9-12 clothes now, too… Eeeeep.

It feels like so long ago but also like it was yesterday all at the same time; it’s very weird.