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Preparing for #2

1st November 2013

It occurred to me recently that our second baby could be here in a mere few weeks. It’s not due for another 2 months yet but if things happen early, I am not in the least bit ready!

I was thinking back to this stage during my pregnancy with D though, and considering that we had very little by this stage, we are actually far better prepared this time. With D, I think we had a car seat, a pram on the way and I think we might have ordered the cot as well. This time we’ve already sorted the car seat, as we’ll be reusing D’s group 0+/1 seat while he moves up to his group 1+. He’s been using both interchangeably in the last few weeks (one in each car) and seems happy to flit between rear and forward facing depending on which car we use. We’ve also already got the first few weeks’ (or even years’, depending on gender, fit, state…!) clothes, though I do need to get them out of the loft and give them a good wash. So yes, there’s that to do, plus:

  • Get the breast pump and a bottle or two cleaned and sterilised – I know I found pumping very useful in the early days last time
  • Sort out either some newborn disposable nappies or look into buying some smaller reusables. I’m leaning more towards the former, which is what we did with D. When baby is older they will probably join D in his reusables, though we may have to get more to fit them both at that stage!
  • Get a new mattress for the side-sleeper cot. I’d be happy to reuse the one that D used, but I’ve read that it’s recommended to get a new one – they’re not very expensive and it’ll be good to have D’s old one as a spare for leaky/sicky nights… Would have been nice to have that with D actually, hah!
  • Wash the covers of the group 0+/1 seat, and set it all back up in newborn mode… Now where on earth did I put the newborn insert for it…?
  • Pack the hospital bag…! I still need to get a few things for that but … eeeeeeek!

Oh, and the slightly more awkward thing… I’m moving :P It’s only temporary and mostly to do with the time of year (Christmas is not a great time to have a baby, just saying…), but I’ll be moving at 36 weeks and staying until baby is born, so all this lot needs to come with me :O I also need to transfer my care over to a new hospital, which I’m quite worried about. My local hospital here is very nice, and although their care/staffing isn’t the greatest, the actual maternity block itself is lovely (and 5 minutes from my house. Always helps). I had my own private, en-suite room last time, which I was VERY thankful for. These are standard at this hospital – I didn’t get it because I was a special case or anything. I don’t think I’d have managed to get started with breastfeeding on a ward – the thought of people watching absolutely terrified me, so I was glad to be able to sit quietly with my baby and get used to everything. The hospital I am going to now is ward-based and much older (and a good half hour away); it is in fact the hospital I was born in. This time I am not so bothered about people looking at me while feeding – been there, done that. I do however dislike the idea generally, mostly because there will be other mums and babies and it’ll be much harder to get any sort of rest ;) Hopefully though, everything will be fine and we won’t be staying long. She says…!

My birth plan will be the same as for D; I hope this time to be able to have the water birth I wanted with him. However, I have a feeling that won’t be possible this time either, due to the complications I suffered last time and the fact that I am being considered medium risk due to low iron levels :( Shall see what happens, I guess.