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Pregnancy thoughts

27th September 2013

It is now just over 2 years since I first found out that I was pregnant with D. Seems incredible to think it was so long ago, but at the same time it also feels like it was longer ago than that. It always takes me a moment to realise D isn’t really a baby any more and there were 9 long months before his arrival that I seem to have forgotten about.

So far, my second pregnancy has been very different from my first. With D, I suffered from terrible morning sickness and ended up hospitalised at 13 weeks, having been diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum and being severely dehydrated as a result. I first felt ill around 5 weeks, and continued to feel ill until 21 weeks. After that I was no longer actively ill, but I was still very sensitive and was just managing things as best I could. I think it was 25 weeks+ before I could go back to my normal eating habits.

This time, I also started to feel ill around 5 weeks. There was a brief moment around the 6-7 week mark where I was struggling a little, but for the most part as long as I ate regularly I was ok. By 8-9 weeks I felt absolutely fine again, and I haven’t had any problems with sickness since.

I’ve also been much bigger and more aware of movement this time round. I know this is probably common in a second pregnancy, but last time, I had an anterior placenta and it was a while before I felt any movement. I didn’t start to show until around 20 weeks, and it was about 21/22 weeks that I went into maternity wear. This time, it’s a posterior placenta, and I felt movements from quite an early point – possibly 15 or 16 weeks. I went into maternity wear at 14 weeks since I’d been showing pretty much from the start!

Obviously I don’t know how the third trimester will play out with this pregnancy since I haven’t got there yet, but with D I suffered with a lot of heartburn, back and hip pain (which I’ve already got, but I’ve had that from the start and I don’t think it fully went when D was born), kept getting little bugs and infections, and had low blood pressure issues. I hope those won’t be an issue this time but we’ll see – it is interesting to compare the similarities and differences this time round with the knowledge I’ve got from before. It’s also odd to be experiencing it the other way round as far as the seasons go – with D, my pregnancy began in late summer/autumn and ended in spring/early summer. This time it began in spring, due to end in winter. The majority of my maternity wear from last time is winter-based – I only had 2 t-shirts from before!

It’s probably about time to start actually thinking about preparing for the actual birth and arrival of the new baby – still can’t quite believe the due date is only in 3 months!