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On babywearing

12th October 2012

Before even thinking of having children, I never liked the thought of using prams or pushchairs. I watched parents struggling up stairs, manoeuvring with difficulty around crowded shopping centres and running over people’s feet (I’ve lost count of the amount of times this has happened to me in crowded places) with their bulky buggies. I therefore loved the idea of babywearing – simple to do, no expensive pram to buy and no bulky contraption to wheel around and run over people’s feet with.

I read up on slings, after a friend raved about them. I wasn’t sold on the idea; thoughts of getting tangled in wraps and doing it all wrong were all very daunting, so I went for the ‘soft-structured carrier’ route, which is the more mainstream version of babywearing. Not quite your Babybjorn type stuff (I read that those aren’t really suited to newborns) but the same sort of thing – strap it on yourself, pop baby in, and away you go.

I settled for a Boba 3G in the end. Nice designs, nice shape, and best of all – suited to both newborn babies and short parents! A lot of the carriers I was considering had a minimum parent height anywhere between 2-5 inches taller than I am, so it was nice to see this one suited for me (I matched the advertised minimum height pretty much exactly). D first went into it at around 12 days old – he was very snug and secure in it and I was very impressed. No strain on my poor back which had been so abused during my pregnancy and labour (D was OP/back to back… Ouch) and I found it easy to get out and about and do the shopping or go for a walk with him inside. Him indoors could also use it easily with only a few minor adjustments.

Fast forward 4 months, D has been out of ‘newborn hold’ for a month and a half. Other than him being taller and me not being able to see past his head, we’re still doing fine :) I was bought a pram as a gift when D was born, and we have used it a total of 3 times, each time only for when we went out for a meal. I can’t eat with D strapped in (see aforementioned head-in-way issue), so to give us all a break, we popped him in the pram for a nap while we ate. He wasn’t keen :( When we went for a little walk afterwards I ended up carrying him in my arms almost all the way while him indoors pushed the empty pram :P We had been popping D in the pram in the house every now and then so he would be used to it, but he has always preferred being close (our co-sleeping story has a similar theme) so babywearing works much better for us.

I’m not sure how long I will be doing it for, but I hope it will be a while yet. I look forward to starting with back carry mode (not reached minimum weight for that yet) and seeing where we go from there (and who knows, I might even try a wrap…!) :)