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17th December 2012

We went on holiday a couple of weeks ago, and as is usual for busy public places this time of year, the winter vomiting bug (aka norovirus) was going round. We got struck with it the day after returning, and poor D was one of the first – and worst – affected. He lost quite a bit of weight as a result and couldn’t keep a thing down for several days. However, apart from the d&v, you wouldn’t have known he was ill – his behaviour and mood were normal and he was happily babbling away and playing with his toys between episodes.

Of course, as soon as he was over the worst, I ended up with it! Him constantly feeding + me not being able to hydrate as well as I should had me worried for a bit but we all came out the other side with no problems.

Urgh though, horrible HORRIBLE thing. It’s quick, but it’s nasty – hope we can steer clear of that one in future!