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Moving on

27th April 2015

I’ve started selling/donating D’s (& E’s, but it was mostly D’s that we recycled) baby things. So far, one box of clothes has gone and a few toys and accessories. A lot of things went to his cousin, but the rest was put on Freecycle or donated to charity shops.

There’s more to go, of course… The side-sleeper crib (E has been in a full cot – and now a bed – since January), the travel cot (neither D nor E ever used this), the activity mat, the reusable nappies (no, we never did go back to them…), the very first clothes, all of E’s <12m stuff, my maternity wear, the pram (that again, neither D nor E ever really liked), the carrier (E's far too big for it now. How we managed to wear D til 18m I have no idea...) and all the baby toys. None of it is in use and is mostly sat in boxes taking up room but I must admit to feeling a bit sad about getting rid of it. I guess it's confirmation that my babies are growing up and I won't get to have this time ever again. By choice, yes - I am 100% sure I do not want any more children, thank you - but it does feel a little sad. Just need to get on and list that which is in good condition on ebay and get on with it instead of being silly :P