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Moving D on

2nd October 2013

D is 16 months old as of today. He’s still co-sleeping (our nightmare period over the last few weeks have made me quite thankful for this), still breastfeeding and still being worn.

However, the time will shortly be coming for that to change as we prepare for the arrival of his sibling. I don’t plan to stop feeding him, but I do plan to try and encourage night weaning – my bed isn’t big enough for 2 children, and I intend to have the new baby in D’s current side-sleeper when it is born. D has a toddler bed ready and waiting for him (well, I say ready… We haven’t put it up yet because of lack of room/time) and the plan is that he will go into this soon. Ideally, I had wanted him to be in it already, or at the very least having his daytime naps there so we can gently encourage him to sleep there during the night, because as it is, this will probably be too fast a transition. This all depends on how well he’s getting over our challenging times of late. It’s been better these past few days, but we’re not at all out of the woods yet and I wouldn’t want to start the transition until I’m sure this period’s clearing up.

The other, hopefully easier, transition we plan is to stop wearing D. I haven’t been able to wear him since he turned 4-5 months or so (too heavy for little me!) but my husband has still been doing it until recently. However, husband is now also finding it difficult to carry D – he’s getting too big for the front carry method, but has never liked back carry much. Because he can now walk quite happily, we tend to let him do this rather than carry him much now. I think we may get a cheap buggy to pop him in for long walks and/or when he’s tired – we borrowed one a couple of weeks ago which D loved (compared to the pushchair which we have, which he’s always hated), although he did get very annoyed every time we stopped moving :P I’m not too keen on the idea of a pushchair since I’ve never really liked them, but I think this might be the best thing for us at this stage.

I hope it all works out and that we can get D prepared for and settled into his new ‘big brother’ routine for when his sibling arrives. Right now, that doesn’t look overly promising, but we have 2.5 months or so for things to fall into place. Let’s hope they do…!