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Further nappy talk

18th April 2013

I took the plunge this week and replaced our stock of Fuzzibunz nappies with Smartipants ones. The Smartipants have always worked better for us (despite them being the worst of our lot to start with) but despite a promising start, the FBs just don’t do it for us. They were always very tight across the tummy, even with the elastic set to its loosest setting, and they almost always leak out of the back of the leg (despite that being set to the tightest setting D’s legs can bear). We’ve been using them as emergency nappies with a wrap over them, but that kind of defeats the point of an all-in-one nappy, so I think it’s time for them to be retired. As it’s Real Nappy Week this week, there are loads of offers on – perfect time to grab some replacements.

I also wanted to replace our night time nappies – the Totsbots Bamboozle Stretchies – but not really sure in what direction to go with those. They have been very, very good… Up until D started to sleep on his front, at about 7-8 months (argh. I’m very paranoid about that, but he simply will not sleep on his front or side any longer – he flips straight back over). They just can’t cope with that! Just when we’d solved the issue of them leaking from sheer volume (triple boosting with bamboo inserts), we now have this problem. Never simple, is it? These nappies are becoming quite small on D now, especially with 3 boosters. We sometimes have success with double-wrapping, but again – defeats the point a little. However, I purchased a new, larger wrap along with the new Smartipants, and we’ve had no leaks since. Excellent! Still doesn’t solve the problem of the nappies being rather small on him now though – when done up, his chunky legs look all squished and have red marks on them where the nappy’s been too tight (it’s the little band going across the top of the leg doing that) :( I’m tempted to try some Little Lamb nappies, since those go up a size larger than the Stretchies, but not really wanting to spend more money, argh. Disposables have never worked for us during the night, so going back to those is not an option. We’ll have to see how we go. Just ordered some more larger wraps and more boosters, so that’s the nappy budget gone for at least the next few months!