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14th November 2012

When D was just shy of 21 weeks, he was diagnosed as having a form of eczema. Eczema runs in my husband’s family so this was not really surprising, but it was a bit sad to hear.

The main reason I was sad is that it’s not comfortable for him (poor boy can’t stop scratching every inch of skin he can reach), but also it means the baby swim sessions I was looking forward to starting can now not take place. D has always had a horrible time with baths, something which isn’t uncommon for eczema sufferers – we were advised to try boiling the bath water first and letting it cool or installing a water softener before finding a bath solution that worked – but yes, swimming is a definite no for his sensitive skin at the moment :(

Our biggest issue here is the scratching. We’ve tried everything we can think of to stop it: short, filed nails (scratches anyway), hats (takes them off or uses the seam to scratch), mitts (takes them off), flip-top sleeves (opens them or uses seam to scratch)… Not sure what else to do other than pin his arms! We were prescribed an antihistamine solution, but D is about as good at taking meds as he is baths so we’ve not had any success there either :P

We’re now on our 5th cream for all this, by the way. I really don’t like using steroids on his poor face (worst affected area), but nothing else works. These steroids are used on a week-on-week-off basis, but in the week off his skin goes all horrible again :( we’ve got a new one to try for the bath too, so we’ll see how that goes…

I’m hoping he’ll grow out of it as he gets older. Although eczema is not the end if the world and a very manageable condition, I would hate for him to have to struggle with it all his life :(

In the meantime, I’m just trying my best to make things more comfortable for him :)