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Dairy-free, take 2: update

10th March 2014

It has now been 2 weeks since cutting out major dairy. I have been as dairy-free as possible, but haven’t been completely avoiding it – so while I’ve not had cheese, butter, chocolate (sob sob), milk, yoghurts or anything like that, I’ve not scrutinised ingredients to make sure there’s absolutely nothing dairy-related there.

There has been a difference in E; whether it’s coincidence or not at this stage I don’t know (probably), but E’s reflux is much better (I managed to keep the same top on for most of the day!). She hasn’t been plagued with wind issues, either. She’s sleeping well at night and aside from the cold she’s got (thanks D…) she does seem a whole lot better. I did however have something with butter in it last night so we’ll see what effect that has… Eep. Hopefully though it’s just the fact that I had too much dairy going on that was causing her issues and not that she has an actual intolerance. I don’t mind going without the major troublemakers if she’s ok with the tiny amounts of dairy that find themselves into things I wouldn’t have thought about (or the odd slip-up here and there). It’s early days though so we’ll see how it goes.