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Dairy-free… Again

27th February 2014

It was about this time last year that I was considering going dairy free to see if it helped with some of D’s issues. In the end we found that there was no real difference (though his eczema cleared up…) so we didn’t pursue it.

E, however, has the same problems and also has rather nasty reflux on top of that – also a CMPI symptom. I have noticed it’s been much worse these past few days when I’ve been eating a lot of cheese and yoghurts – from a happy, contented baby, she’s gone into one that is desperately uncomfortable, full of wind and reflux and up all night screaming… Alarm bells started to go off in my head.

So I find myself once again considering a dairy-free diet. I’ve already cut out the obvious offenders and will see how that goes in the next few days, but if it doesn’t improve then it’ll be a total elimination. I hope that it’s just the surge of dairy in the past week that’s caused this but as E has had the reflux since birth and everything else on and off as well, I’m thinking I might not be that lucky… We shall see, won’t we?