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A bit about us

10th September 2012

I am Amelie, in my late-ish (argh) 20s, and together with the one I call “him indoors” (or “him” for short) we are new parents to our son, D. D arrived via assisted delivery (forceps. Ouch!) in early June 2012, 5 days later than he was due.

D is exclusively breastfed, (mostly) wears reusable/cloth nappies, and semi-co-sleeps; I also wear him in a soft-structured carrier (not a sling. Yet…). Oh no, I hear you cry, one of those mums! …eh. I don’t consider myself as following the “crunchy” or attachment parenting routes – we just do what feels right and what works for us. I had absolutely no plans to co-sleep, in fact – D is rather fussy though and that decision was made for us. At the moment, he sleeps in a crib (which is attached to our bed, so extends our mattress a bit. I say he sleeps there… He spends part of the night there :P He’ll be too big for that crib soon (it’s supposed to last til 6 months, but I have a tall baby!), at which point an alternative sleeping arrangement will need to be sought :(

So yes, that’s us. Our cat Lucy completes our little family and you can find us in the north west of the UK. I’m a programmer by trade and before D came along, my days consisted of wading through code and making fancy things work. Me and him indoors are both big geeks – at this rate, D will know how to use a computer before he can walk!

Update, August 2014:

We are now also parents to D’s sister, E, who arrived by emergency induction just after Christmas 2013. We are following the same parenting style as for D, who I ended up breastfeeding (alongside baby-led weaning), co-sleeping and carrying until E arrived. We’re now living with family in the south of England where I’m currently a full-time mum.