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May 2014
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Reusable regrets

17th May 2014   

If I could do all this baby stuff from scratch, I wouldn’t have gone with reusable nappies. There, I said it, despite singing the praise of cloth when we first started.

We had an ok run with D, but as he’s got older, disposables are much easier for us. I simply do not have time to wash the nappies now and with E, that’s just got worse. Speaking of E, with her being much bigger than D at this age, it means she doesn’t fit the nappies we have at all, and at this stage I have no desire to replace them. I might think about it again when E isn’t squashing in clothes two sizes bigger than her age group anymore!

I feel bad that I spent time and money on the nappies and the whole “going cloth” thing only to give up on it – I can sell on the nappies, sure, but if I had known it was not worth the effort (for us, at least) I would not have bothered. For some people, cloth works; for some it doesn’t. For us, right now, it doesn’t. :(

Babywearing fail

10th May 2014   

I am not a fan of prams and pushchairs. For this reason, I am quite glad D never liked them either – we had a very good babywearing experience with him.

E however… At first I thought it was the carrier. E is a big girl and her legs are a bit too big to fit nicely in our carrier, so I adjusted it as much as I could but to no avail. I haven’t tried her in any other carriers because I don’t have any, but as a general rule she doesn’t mind being in the pram so… that’s what we do :( This (selfishly) annoys me for many reasons, but the biggest thing I dislike is that she is not close to me. She is definitely not like D who required constant contact – still does, in fact; she is happy to be put down, amuses herself and is generally not fussed about much.

Don’t know how people who use prams daily do it – then again, theirs are probably not as bulky and convoluted (read: cheap) as mine :P