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August 2013
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D at almost 15 months

29th August 2013   

D is 4 days shy of being 15 months old. He’s doing well, development-wise – he’s always been a bit behind what all the books and stuff say, but he gets there in the end. He learned to crawl properly at around 10-11 months, having started to pull himself up from 7 months or so and commando-crawling from 8 months. He never really showed much inclination to walk, though has always been quite good at standing – so it came as a bit of a surprise when, at 13.5/14 months, he went from barely any steps at all to walking everywhere unaided. I rarely see him crawl now; the exceptions are when he finds an obstacle he can’t easily step over (e.g. clothes/blankets on the floor).

Someone mentioned to me that “you get walkers or talkers”. I don’t know how true that is in general, but certainly for D it seems quite apt – he can only say one thing other than mama and dada, which is “dat” (what’s that/I want that). He babbles a little and can certainly understand a lot of what he is being told, but not much else. If it’s anything like his walking, it’ll come on all of a sudden when we least expect it.

We’re still in our reusable nappies, by the way. Yesterday marked one year of going into them full-time, and we rarely have problems with them at all now that D is bigger and fits them well. We’ll definitely be going reusable with his sibling – whether we go from birth or not, I haven’t decided (we’ll need more newborn-size nappies first!) but we’ll see how we go. However, we will be going abroad to visit family soon, which means a switch back to disposables (much easier fit in the suitcase, unfortunately…) – I’m not looking forward to it! :(

Challenging times

23rd August 2013   

Since D turned 1, his nursing has become increasingly erratic. For around 2 months now we have been dealing with the following:

  • Switching sides roughly every 20-30 seconds; screaming and tantrums if the other side is not available
  • Biting (on purpose)
  • Scratching/fiddling/pulling at skin/clothes
  • Nursing sessions which last 3 or more hours in this manner; tantrums if it is ended sooner

It has become almost impossible to feed him in public as a result, and night times have become so wearing for us both that I was strongly considering weaning him completely, at least at night.

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