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January 2013
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Breastfeeding in public

22nd January 2013   

I have seen quite a few pictures and/or articles floating around social media with the intention of normalising nursing (in or out of public places) and trying to encourage mothers not to feel ashamed when doing it.

(Warning: discussion of boobs, boobs in public and possibly controversial opinions. Yeah :P)

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Developments etc

9th January 2013   

D has always been a bit behind with his milestones. He was about a month behind what all the books say to expect with things like focusing the eyes, finding hands/feet, rolling over etc, but I’ve not been greatly bothered. He’s still toothless thus far, has no real interest in moving and can only just sit without support – this has only really been the case in the last week or so though.

I think my next purchase for him will be a proper playmat of sorts – we’ve got laminate flooring in our house which is all well and good, but it’s very slippery and every time D attempts some kind of movement, he ends up losing traction and slipping over, heh. I put a rug and/or blankets down for him, but those also slip around and he ends up just moving them with him :P we had much better luck over the holidays when we stayed with relatives who had carpeted floors – he rolled over plenty of times there, something he never does here. Now just need to find room for such a mat… Poor old living room is bursting at the seams with all the new toys we got for Christmas and don’t have room for. In that respect, return to work can’t come soon enough – need money to move somewhere bigger!

Weaning, leaks, Christmas…

8th January 2013   

D’s first Christmas went quite well, despite him being very whiny throughout. We haven’t been having the best nights recently, and he’s been really tired and grouchy – we finally got him to sleep during Christmas lunch (of all things) so no crackers for us! He did much better at Christmas dinner and had a bit of everything in the evening.

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