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September 2012
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Feeding experience

27th September 2012   

Thought I’d share my experience with feeding D, specifically the difficulties we had to start with.

(Warning: this entry talks about boobs :P )

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Back on track?

24th September 2012   

Well, we have been mostly leak-less since I posted the last entry. It seems D is growing rather rapidly length/height-wise, and his tummy chubbiness is ebbing as a result – an experiment with different fittings of nappies has found us a much better fit (seems we needed to tighten the top but extend to the next rise setting, even though it is looser round the leg). The FuzziBuns are still slightly annoying me though – there is a little flap that seems to come up when D is in a sitting position :| However, we managed our first couple of days out and about in reusables and everything went just fine :)

Spoke too soon…

18th September 2012   

Since writing the last entry about how pleased we are with reusable nappies, we’ve had nothing but leaks. Even the ‘bombproof’ Stretchies have let us down. For the last 2-3 days, every single nappy has leaked – always in the same place, just on the inside of the thigh (and not the outside as used to happen with gappy legs). I thought this came from D being in a sitting position more often, but even at night it happens! What gives? I’m almost tempted to go back to disposables at this rate, certainly when we were out yesterday I popped him in one just in case.

On that note, I can really tell when D is in a disposable now. The moment the nappy gets a little wet, there’s that horrible nappy smell, yuck. Oh, and all his clothes fit again (reusables = bulky) :P For the moment, I’m more content dealing with leaks and constant clothes changes than I am smelling pee smell and/or D being unhappy because he’s wet. I do think I will be looking to get some different nappies though; I think the ones we have are just not suited to him. The Stretchies are ok with a big wrap – we got one a size too big and that seems ok for now – but the Smartipants and Fuzzibuns are not really in my good books of late. Shall see how we go in the next few days/weeks, I guess.