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Why my child is sad: today’s tantrums

31st August 2016

Today, my children have been sad/angry/annoyed for a variety of reasons. And I know that for them these things are big things and they matter – a 4 and 2 year old cannot understand why certain things can or can’t happen.

That said, it’s still amusing to look back on it as an adult and find it slightly bemusing as to why these things are bothersome. So with that, I bring you the reasons my children have thrown tantrums today:

  1. Music was playing when they didn’t want it to
  2. A particular song was not playing
  3. I was unable to pick up E at a specific moment
  4. Music was no longer playing
  5. The duvet was not in a certain position on E’s bed
  6. There was a yellow towel in the bathroom and not a white one
  7. The duvet was in a certain position on E’s bed
  8. There were no Cheerios for breakfast, despite the fact that they didn’t want any
  9. I offered the wrong colour spoon for eating breakfast
  10. Getting dressed is for losers
  11. …Not those socks
  12. We got stuck in traffic and I wouldn’t “just overtake” the big line of traffic in front of me

All of this happened in about 3 hours this morning, at which point I decided it was time to admit defeat and let Peppa Pig look after them for a while (you know it’s bad if I’ve resorted to that – I hate that show!). Aaaaaaand breathe!