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Reusable regrets

17th May 2014

If I could do all this baby stuff from scratch, I wouldn’t have gone with reusable nappies. There, I said it, despite singing the praise of cloth when we first started.

We had an ok run with D, but as he’s got older, disposables are much easier for us. I simply do not have time to wash the nappies now and with E, that’s just got worse. Speaking of E, with her being much bigger than D at this age, it means she doesn’t fit the nappies we have at all, and at this stage I have no desire to replace them. I might think about it again when E isn’t squashing in clothes two sizes bigger than her age group anymore!

I feel bad that I spent time and money on the nappies and the whole “going cloth” thing only to give up on it – I can sell on the nappies, sure, but if I had known it was not worth the effort (for us, at least) I would not have bothered. For some people, cloth works; for some it doesn’t. For us, right now, it doesn’t. :(

Catching up and moving on

27th March 2014

Brief goings-on in Amelie-land:

  • Aforementioned butter did seem to unsettle E after 2 weeks of minimal dairy, however cutting it back out again doesn’t seem to have done much to fix that, so I’ll have to put the good period down to coincidence :(
  • We have officially upgraded D to a ‘big boy chair’ and put the highchair away. He’s been able to undo the strap on it for ages, and has been climbing out of it and messing about, so it was about time – didn’t want him to tip it over or anything :S Anyway, time now to clean it all up and get it ready for E to use in the next few months… Eeeeep
  • Also tried E in D’s reusable nappies. D was 12 weeks old when he went into them full time – E is now older than this, so we thought it was about time. It seems however that E has even skinnier legs than D did back then and we had leaks within minutes :| Back into disposables with her, then (the little newborn-size lollipop nappies we had never really fit her, as they didn’t with D either. She used them twice, maybe 3 times; he did too. A shame, that)…
  • Remember when I said I suspected D would continue to nurse after a brief ‘relapse’? I was wrong – that was in fact the last time he did it. Sad :( I was so hoping we might be able to juuuust stretch til age 2 (another couple of months yet)… I’ve hired a hospital pump (for milk donorship) – I might see if I can get him interested in some expressed milk but last time we tried this he pulled a face and said “wrong milk”, then proceeded to try and play with the pump. Oh dear :P
  • It looks like E is developing eczema, just like D did around this age. I tried hard to stop this with E by keeping everything as moisturised as possible, minimal use of wipes/perfumes/anything harsh or allergenic. However she’s started to find her hands and is scratching at her head and face a lot – same thing D did :( I wonder again about the dairy and whether or not this could be a factor… Argh.

Reusable nappies: take 2

1st March 2014

We aren’t doing too well on the reusable nappies front. With moving, routines being disrupted, D starting nursery and our washing machine being temperamental, we reverted back to disposables for D, with the odd reusable thrown in here and there.

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