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Summer holidays and nostalgia

24th July 2017

D finished his first year at school last week, and E finished her first year at pre-school. That year absolutely flew by! I remember this time last year, when D finished at pre-school and E at her old nursery, and thinking “wow, I’m going to have a school-aged child soon”. I remember D’s first day of school and feeling sad because I couldn’t be present, and due to working full-time I can count on one hand how many times I’ve actually been to his school. That said, I’ve not been to E’s at all this year. read more …

Time flies

13th July 2016

Remember when I was posting about how D was 6 months old and I wasn’t sure where the time was going, how we were doing with reusable nappies, feeding and weaning, and worrying about how he’d adjust to having a baby sister?

This is a boy who’s starting primary school in September and who ‘graduates’ pre-school next week. Eeeeeek.

D vs Meningitis

15th November 2015

So this weekend was not a great one. D ended up (thankfully briefly) in intensive care on Thursday night and after pumping him full of antibiotics for 48 hours, he responded well to treatment and was allowed to come home on Saturday. He has to go back to hospital every day for more drips and checks and isn’t allowed out of the house or to see any other children until he’s been given the all clear, which we expect to happen in a week’s time if all goes well.

read more …