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Category Archives: Co-sleeping

The end of co-sleeping

28th July 2015

I’m not sure exactly when we finished co-sleeping with E. I remember when it was with D – it took a long time, and when E was born he went to bed with his dad while I stayed with E. I think it took until he was almost 2 for the transition to be mostly complete and he was well over 2 before he would comfortably sleep in his own room through the night.

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Attachment parenting and me

28th August 2014

If I had to conform to a ‘style’ of parenting, I think I’d have to side with the so-called “attachment parenting” style.

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Progress and setbacks

24th January 2014

E is nearing a month old. In that time, she’s had her first cold (that’ll probably be the awful one I had when she was born), shot up in both height and weight and has started to exhibit all the same windy problems as D did.

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